Why MJA?

There are a multitude of benefits of engaging Mersky, Jaffe & Associates as counsel. We have a great deal of experience that makes our services comprehensive. We know prospect research, direct mail, personal solicitation, board enhancement, and volunteer training. We are also cost effective. As a client of Mersky, Jaffe & Associates, you only pay for the services you need, so costs are minimized. And, in the end, counsel can allow for as much as a 10 to 1 return on your investment.

The fundraising process is an opportunity for non-profits to grow stronger. This is a time for:

  • in-depth internal analysis
  • thorough planning
  • development of solid marketing and management techniques

This is value added.

Q: We are hesitant to give up some of the monies raised to pay for the cost of fundraising counsel. Should we be?
A: Campaigns with counsel raise more money. It is that simple. Mersky, Jaffe & Associates knows how to make the most of your campaign.

Q: We are a major institution with a professional development staff. Do we need to hire outside professional fundraising counsel?

A: Campaigns benefit from the special skills and perspective of outside counsel. Mersky, Jaffe & Associates works with a variety of organizations, both large and small. Many choose to engage our firm to gain from the lessons that others have learned as well to provide an expert external voice.

Q: We will need some help with our organization over time, but not necessarily all at once. Can we pick and choose the services we need?
A: Mersky, Jaffe & Associates provides comprehensive services, including periodic consultations. We can conduct feasibility studies, training, motivation, and orientation programs, staff development, etc., on a one-time or ongoing basis.

Q: Our department is responsible for managing a major capital campaign, but we remain isolated from the rest of the organization, and we’re not receiving much support or input. Does that really matter?
A: A successful campaign is one that works best in a collaborative environment–a team approach. Mersky, Jaffe & Associates can help you gain the cooperation of the Board of Directors, senior staff, and key volunteers so that you can wage the most successful campaign possible.

Q: A feasibility study seems so expensive. Do we really need to do this step before beginning our capital campaign?
A: In a word, yes. Proper planning promotes possible positive performance , and a feasibility study is a major step in the planning process.

Q: Our campaign isn’t doing too well, but we’ve put a lot of time in already. Can you just do a quick fix?
A: Maybe. The key to success in fundraising requires patience as well as the creation and implementation of a well-crafted development program. We might need to take a little more time to make sure your campaign can be a successful one, but if we are efficient the time will be used to foster success for your campaign.

Q: We want to find development counsel that has worked with an organization like ours. Have you?
A: If we haven’t worked with your organization, then we haven’t worked with one like yours. Mersky, Jaffe & Associates is resourceful enough to utilize our past experience from other campaigns and in life to make each individual campaign a success. No two approaches are the same, just as no two organizations are the same.