You’ve Got email by Jordana of Live Organized

Jordana of Live OrganizedSo your desk is clear, your files are color-coded, and your emails are….? Just because your desktop is spotless and your files are neatly sorted, doesn’t necessarily mean that your e-mail inbox follows suit. Take a minute and open your email inbox. What do you see? Are there hundreds of subject lines staring you in the face? Or is your inbox completely empty, with neatly labeled folders waiting to store the inevitable influx of messages? Many people don’t spend so much time organizing their emails – in part because they just don’t know how! Pendaflex file folders can’t solve the problem this time, so what will?

This month, attack the inbox.

1. Set a Date. Designate a specific time (or times) everyday to check your mail, so you’re not constantly distracted throughout your day every time a new message pops up.

2. Skim Now, Act Later. So you’re sitting in front of your computer screen and you’re immediately overwhelmed by the countless number of emails that appear before you. Take a few deep breaths. You do not need to decide what to do with all of them now. For thirty minutes, skim through the emails and transfer the ones that require you to take immediate action or make important decisions to an action folder. Once that’s done, step away for a little while and come back to the action folder only once you’re feeling a bit more relaxed.

3. To Save or Not to Save. Evaluate why you’re saving the emails you choose to save. Sentimental reasons? Pending appointments? Business information? Ask yourself if you’re really going to access the information in the next week? Month? Year? If the answer is no for all of the above, chuck it. This is what I like to call cyber clutter. Online or offline, clutter still exists. It can come in all forms – paper just being one of them. The ultimate goal is to have an empty (or near-empty) inbox.

4. Say Goodbye to Spam. Want to get rid of junk emails? Here’s what to do. Open one of the emails, scroll to the bottom and click on unsubscribe. Somehow or another, your email got on a list, and you – and your inbox – want you off of it ASAP. Also make sure to run virus scans regularly.

5. Commit to Two Addresses,business and personal. If you find that you’re checking three different personal email accounts, do yourself – and your friends – a favor, and cut it down to one. This way, everyone will know what email you’re really checking, and you’ll only have one to check.

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